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Date Event Name
Mar 18, 01:00pm EDT - Mar 18, 02:30pm EDT #376 Estimating mortality indices in gynecological cancer patients: A population-based analysis
Mar 13, 01:00pm EDT - Mar 13, 02:00pm EDT SHKN - Canadian Falls Prevention Curriculum
Mar 12, 01:00pm EDT - Mar 12, 02:00pm EDT #375 CHHRN The ROI in Team - Developing a return on investment framework for team-based care brief description
Mar 07, 01:00pm EST - Mar 07, 02:30pm EST #374 National Collaborating Centre for Methods and Tools Search Pyramids / pyramides de recherche en ligne du Centre de collaboration nationale des méthodes et outils
Mar 06, 01:00pm EST - Mar 06, 02:00pm EST #373 Transforming Musculoskeletal Care in Alberta: Moving Upstream with Collaborative Teams in Primary Care
Mar 04, 01:00pm EST - Mar 04, 02:30pm EST #372 Incubating Healthy Communities in Rural and Remote Communities: Healthy Canada by Design in Newfoundland, New Brunswick and Saskatchewan.
Feb 27, 01:00pm EST - Feb 27, 02:30pm EST #371 PROPEL Centre for Population Health Impact: Tobacco Use in Canada: Patterns and Trends, 2014 Edition: An overview and orientation
Feb 26, 01:00pm EST - Feb 26, 02:30pm EST #370 A new way of looking at best practices in Aboriginal communities/Nouvelle façon d’aborder les pratiques exemplaires dans les collectivités autochtones
Feb 21, 01:00pm EST - Feb 21, 02:30pm EST #369 Mental Health and Well-Being of Immigrants to Canada: Connecting Research Findings to Service Delivery
Feb 20, 01:00pm EST - Feb 20, 02:00pm EST #368 Of Walls, Moats, and Ceilings: Reconceiving Health Human Resources in the Era of Quality Improvement
Feb 20, 01:00pm EST - Feb 20, 02:03pm EST Childhood Obesity in Canada: Active Kids, Healthy Kids
Feb 19, 01:00pm EST - Feb 19, 02:30pm EST #367 Lyme Disease 101 An Introduction to Lyme disease / La maladie de Lyme 101 : introduction de la maladie de Lyme
Feb 11, 01:00pm EST - Feb 11, 02:30pm EST #366 NCCMT Feature: Knowledge Translation (KT) Planning Primer
Feb 06, 01:00pm EST - Feb 06, 02:30pm EST #365 ESDC: Older Spousal Caregivers: How A Caregiver Assessment Can Promote Seniors' Mental Health / Conjoints âgés aidants naturels : Comment une évaluation des aidants naturels peut promouvoir la santé mentale des aînés
Feb 05, 01:30pm EST - Feb 05, 02:30pm EST #364 SHKN: Falls Prevention Nutrition and Hydration
Jan 30, 01:00pm EST - Jan 30, 02:30pm EST #363: Lessons Learned from the Diabetes Community-Based Prevention Program
Jan 23, 01:00pm EST - Jan 23, 02:30pm EST #362 Islands of Isolation - Exploring Social Isolation and Mistreatment of Older Adults. Les îles de l'isolement - Explorer l'isolement social et la maltraitance des aînés
Jan 22, 12:00pm EST - Jan 22, 01:30pm EST #361 NCCMTSpotlight on Methods and Tools: Feature: SUPPORT Tools
Jan 16, 01:00pm EST - Jan 16, 02:00pm EST #360 Enhancing Primary Health Care Delivery in the Inner City Through Interprofessional Teamwork
Jan 15, 01:00pm EST - Jan 15, 02:30pm EST #359 PHAC: Stories of Using Evidence to Inform Health Promotion and Chronic Disease Prevention Practice & Programs

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