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Date Event Name
Jan 30, 01:00pm EST - Jan 30, 02:30pm EST #363: Lessons Learned from the Diabetes Community-Based Prevention Program
Jan 23, 01:00pm EST - Jan 23, 02:30pm EST #362 Islands of Isolation - Exploring Social Isolation and Mistreatment of Older Adults. Les îles de l'isolement - Explorer l'isolement social et la maltraitance des aînés
Jan 22, 12:00pm EST - Jan 22, 01:30pm EST #361 NCCMTSpotlight on Methods and Tools: Feature: SUPPORT Tools
Jan 16, 01:00pm EST - Jan 16, 02:00pm EST #360 Enhancing Primary Health Care Delivery in the Inner City Through Interprofessional Teamwork
Jan 15, 01:00pm EST - Jan 15, 02:30pm EST #359 PHAC: Stories of Using Evidence to Inform Health Promotion and Chronic Disease Prevention Practice & Programs
Jan 14, 01:00pm EST - Jan 14, 02:00pm EST DATE TO BE RESCHEDULED ! MHCC - starting a conversation about Suicide Prevention in Canada
Jan 08, 01:30pm EST - Jan 08, 02:30pm EST #358 SHKN: Hoarding: Feeling Homey or Fielding Hazards
Dec 19, 01:00pm EST - Dec 19, 02:30pm EST Interprofessional Teams in the Chinook PCN
Dec 12, 01:00pm EST - Dec 12, 02:30pm EST NCCMT The AGREE - II Instruments
Dec 04, 01:00pm EST - Dec 04, 02:00pm EST POSTPONED Cuts to health Care for refugees - implications for health care providers
Dec 04, 01:00pm EST - Dec 04, 02:30pm EST St Michael's Hospital
Dec 03, 01:00pm EST - Dec 03, 02:30pm EST NCCDH - Advancing health equity through public health: The power of people and systems
Nov 27, 01:00pm EST - Nov 27, 02:30pm EST CAG - Age-Friendly Housing for an Older Population
Nov 26, 01:30pm EST - Nov 26, 02:30pm EST SHKN Falls prevention curriculum for personal support workers and allied health care workers: the Grey Bruce Experience
Nov 21, 01:00pm EST - Nov 21, 02:30pm EST NCCMT Online Learning Resources / ressources d’apprentissage en ligne du CCNMO
Nov 20, 01:00pm EST - Nov 20, 02:30pm EST PHAC Helping our children use their “WITS” to prevent bullying
Nov 19, 01:00pm EST - Nov 19, 02:30pm EST NCCDH : Knowledge translation frameworks & health equity- fast friends or perfect strangers?
Nov 12, 01:00pm EST - Nov 12, 02:30pm EST PHAC What do digital (online) games have to do with Public Health?
Nov 07, 01:00pm EST - Nov 07, 02:30pm EST RCCDR - Le niveau de scolarité des parents et le risque de dépression chez les jeunes adultes
Nov 05, 01:00pm EST - Nov 05, 02:30pm EST CRDCN - Parents’ level of education and their adult children’s risk of experiencing major depression

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