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Date Event Name
Oct 29, 01:00pm EDT - Oct 29, 02:30pm EDT CCNDS -Apprentissage en ligne : déterminants sociaux de la santé et équité en santé / Online Courses: Social Determinants of Health & Health Equity
Oct 17, 01:00pm EDT - Oct 17, 02:30pm EDT The Sheway Project:"Improving outcomes for mothers and babies in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside
Oct 09, 01:30pm EDT - Oct 09, 03:00pm EDT Health Canada- Housing Interventions and Respiratory Health / Santé Canada - Interventions pour l’amélioration des logements et la santé respiratoire
Sep 24, 01:00pm EDT - Sep 24, 02:30pm EDT NCCDH - Taking a Health Equity Approach - Public Health Roles
Sep 19, 09:00am EDT - Sep 26, 05:00pm EDT NCCDH Online conversation: public health roles for health equity CCNDS - conversations virtuelle : les rôles de la santé publique - améliorer l’équité en santé
Jun 21, 01:00pm EDT - Jun 21, 02:00pm EDT #342 E-mental health services for children, youth and young adults: An interactive dialogue
Jun 18, 01:00pm EDT - Jun 18, 02:30pm EDT #341 Sustaining Age-Friendly Communities (AFC): A focus on "Champions"
Jun 07, 01:00pm EDT - Jun 07, 02:30pm EDT #340 NCCMT Spotlight on KT Methods and Tools #7: Search Pyramids
Jun 06, 01:00pm EDT - Jun 06, 02:30pm EDT #339 NCCDH Online Courses: Social Determinants of Health & Health Equity
Jun 05, 01:00pm EDT - Jun 05, 02:00pm EDT #338 Suicide Prevention: Guidelines for Public Awareness and Education Activities
Jun 04, 09:00am EDT - Jun 04, 10:30am EDT #337 Extreme Heat and Health in Nova Scotia
May 28, 01:00pm EDT - May 28, 02:30pm EDT #336 NCCDH Taking a Health Equity Approach: Concepts & Values /Le recours à l’approche de l’équité en santé : concepts et valeurs
May 23, 01:00pm EDT - May 23, 02:00pm EDT #335 Tobacco Use in Canada: Patterns and Trends, 2013 Edition: An overview and orientation
May 15, 01:00pm EDT - May 15, 02:30pm EDT #334 Air Quality Health Index: An Update
May 02, 12:00pm EDT - May 02, 01:00pm EDT #333 What do wildfires have to do with public health?
Apr 23, 01:00pm EDT - Apr 23, 02:00pm EDT Health and Socio-economic Impacts of Transboundary Movement of E-waste to Developing Countries
Mar 27, 01:00pm EDT - Mar 27, 02:00pm EDT CRDCN Occupational Outcomes of International Medical Graduates in Canada and the United States
Mar 22, 01:00pm EDT - Mar 22, 02:30pm EDT CDPAC Introducing Workplace Mental Health: A NEW Standard and Promising Practices
Mar 19, 01:00pm EDT - Mar 19, 02:30pm EDT NCCMT Spotlight on KT Methods and Tools #6 Policy Readiness Tool: Policy Readiness Tool from the University of Alberta’s School of Public Health
Mar 14, 01:00pm EDT - Mar 14, 02:30pm EDT NCCDH What does it take to be a leader for health equity?

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