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Date Event Name
Nov 14, 01:00pm EST - Nov 14, 02:30pm EST PHAC: State of Knowledge of Climate Change and Public Health/ ASPC - État des connaissances sur le changement climatiques et la santé publique
Nov 07, 01:00pm EST - Nov 07, 02:30pm EST Suicide Prevention in Canada: Innovative Approaches and Best Practices
Oct 25, 01:00pm EDT - Oct 25, 02:00pm EDT Public Health Workforce Development: A Model to Guide Us
Oct 24, 01:30pm EDT - Oct 24, 02:30pm EDT Campagne de sensibilisation – Bébé en santé, cerveau en santé
Oct 24, 12:00pm EDT - Oct 24, 01:00pm EDT Healthy Baby Healthy Brain - Awareness Campaign
Oct 23, 01:00pm EDT - Oct 23, 02:30pm EDT Integrating Health Considerations into Community Planning: example & lessons learned from Fraser Health Authority, BC
Oct 18, 01:00pm EDT - Oct 18, 02:00pm EDT Addressing Provider Shortage in Underserviced Areas: The role of traditional, complementary and alternative medicine (TCAM) providers in Canadian rural healthcare
Oct 17, 01:00pm EDT - Oct 17, 02:30pm EDT Part 2 Health Equity Tools – Health Equity Impact Assessment Tool
Oct 16, 01:00pm EDT - Oct 16, 02:00pm EDT Balancing Human Needs with Revenues in Fiscal Policy: Health Care, Inequality and Austerity in the aftermath of the 2008 Recession
Oct 10, 01:00pm EDT - Oct 10, 02:30pm EDT Part 1 Health Equity Tools – Promoting Action on Equity Issues: A Knowledge-To-Action Handbook
Sep 25, 01:00pm EDT - Sep 25, 02:30pm EDT Improving Children’s Food Access through School Zoning Bylaws
Sep 25, 10:00am EDT - Sep 25, 11:30am EDT Les règlements d'urbanisme : une voie possible pour améliorer l'offre alimentaire autour des écoles
Sep 19, 01:00pm EDT - Sep 19, 02:00pm EDT Healthy Communities: An Approach to Action on Health Determinants in Canada
Sep 18, 01:00pm EDT - Sep 18, 02:30pm EDT PHAC: Current Perspectives: Children, the Environment and Public Health Considerations / ASPC : Perspectives actuelles: Enfants, l'environnement et les considérations de santé publique
Sep 13, 01:00pm EDT - Sep 13, 02:30pm EDT #292 Montreal Public Health’s Community Mobilization Research and Tools
Aug 01, 12:30pm EDT - Aug 01, 01:30pm EDT What's Next? Other Opportunities for CBPHC Innovation Team Grant Proposals
Jul 26, 01:00pm EDT - Jul 26, 02:00pm EDT Policy Analysis of Scope of Practice Changes to Physiotherapy (Bill 179) and the Newly Regulated Health Profession of Kinesiology (Bill 171)
Jul 06, 01:00pm EDT - Jul 06, 02:00pm EDT Road to health: shedding light on the economic benefits of active transportation
Jun 22, 01:00pm EDT - Jun 22, 02:00pm EDT Canada’s Low-Risk Alcohol Drinking Guidelines
Jun 21, 01:00pm EDT - Jun 21, 02:00pm EDT Policy Analysis of Scope of Practice Changes for Pharmacists and Optometrists and Regulation of Pharmacy Technicians

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