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Date Event Name
Mar 23, 03:00pm EDT - Mar 23, 04:30pm EDT “Improving the Justice System’s Response to Elder Abuse”
Mar 18, 03:00pm EDT - Mar 18, 04:30pm EDT Experiences in Building Capacity for Legal Services in Canada
Mar 10, 03:00pm EST - Mar 10, 04:30pm EST Diet & Heart Disease: Addressing Challenges to Healthy Eating through Research and Policy
Mar 05, 03:00pm EST - Mar 05, 04:30pm EST “Reconnecting: Continuing the Conversation in planning a response to Elder Abuse in Canada”
Mar 04, 03:00pm EST - Mar 04, 04:30pm EST AQHI - A tool for Nurses to Address Air Pollution
Mar 03, 03:00pm EST - Mar 03, 04:30pm EST Info Tech and Health Promotion: online meeting options..and whats keeping us?
Feb 26, 03:00pm EST - Feb 26, 04:30pm EST Using a Community of Practice for Professional Education in Chronic Disease Prevention and Self-management
Feb 11, 03:00pm EST - Feb 11, 04:30pm EST Health Evidence: A Canadian resource for facilitating evidence-informed public health decision making
Feb 10, 03:00pm EST - Feb 10, 04:30pm EST Where is the best place to be poor in Canada?
Feb 05, 03:00pm EST - Feb 05, 04:30pm EST How Elder Care Can Become Elder Abuse and Neglect
Feb 01, 03:00pm EST - Feb 01, 04:30pm EST Institute of Population and Public Health: new Strategic Plan (2009-2014) and Institute Initiatives
Jan 29, 03:00pm EST - Jan 29, 04:30pm EST How a Community of Practice could Work for You and Your Organization
Jan 27, 03:00pm EST - Jan 27, 04:30pm EST Getting Lost in the Evidence - Part 2
Jan 25, 03:00pm EST - Jan 25, 04:30pm EST L’Institut de la santé publique et des populations : Séances d'information sur le nouveau Plan stratégique (2009-2014)
Jan 22, 03:00pm EST - Jan 22, 04:30pm EST Family Caregiving As an Emerging Public Health Issue
Jan 21, 03:00pm EST - Jan 21, 04:30pm EST Canadian Nurses Association: Climate Change - what nurses can do
Jan 20, 03:00pm EST - Jan 20, 04:30pm EST Food Skills of Waterloo Region Adults Print
Jan 19, 03:00pm EST - Jan 19, 04:30pm EST Roundtable - Business Case for Injury Prevention - follow up to Nov 19, 2009
Jan 13, 03:00pm EST - Jan 13, 04:30pm EST The Population Health Improvement Research Network: Research Priorities and Opportunities
Jan 05, 10:00pm EST - Jan 06, 12:00am EST Event 1

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