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“#341 Sustaining Age-Friendly Communities (AFC): A focus on "Champions"”

Hosted by: Dot Bonnenfant
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The event will start on : Jun 18, 01:00pm EDT
And will end on : Jun 18, 02:30pm EDT
Location: Online
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Click here to download the PowerPoint Presentation and the Audio Recording. They are listed by date and topic. The AUDIO RECORDINGS are posted next to the PPT Presentation.

Sustaining Age-Friendly Communities (AFC):

A Focus on “Champions”

This Fireside Chat is presented in collaboration with the Age-Friendly Communities Canada Hub, the Canadian Association on Gerontology and the Public Health Agency of Canada.


 Sustaining momentum is a common challenge for those Age-Friendly Communities nearing completion of their first projects. Come hear about promising approaches, including the successful engagement of AFC champions, to ensure the continued growth, impact and success of your AFC.  Join the free Webinar:  “Sustaining Age-Friendly Communities (AFC):  A Focus on Champions.” 

The webinar will be moderated by Cathy Bennett, Manager, Healthy Communities Unit, Population Health Promotion and Innovation Division, Public Health Agency of Canada.

It will feature presentations by and discussion with:

• Leo Bonnell, Chair of the Provincial Advisory Council on Aging & Seniors for the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador

• Sheila Hallett, Executive Director, Edmonton Seniors Coordinating Council, Edmonton, Alberta

• Judy Brownoff, Councillor and Director, Capital Regional District, District of Saanich, B.C.

This webinar will take place in English only.
Documentation in both official languages will be available after the webinar upon request to CAG

Presentation #1 : Leo Bonnell:
The Newfoundland and Labrador Experience: Encouraging and supporting local champions in AFCs

• Defining the role of champion and the importance of champions in sustaining the AFC movement at the community level;
• Champions at the community level can be as few as one or two individuals or the whole AFC committee;
• A  Community champion is often someone who has a community profile, is a longer term resident who understands community issues, has leadership experience/skills to engage many sectors at the community level in the dialogue, is passionate and committed; someone who is seen as the face of Age-Friendly in the community and keeps AF in the forefront.
-          Committee as champion:
o   Must be appropriate size with the right players at the table – productivity versus burnout;
o   Structure and diversity are important – a variety of skill sets, ages, professions, community sectors;
o   Committee can be always on the lookout for prospective new champions.

Presentation #2 : Sheila Hallett: 
The Importance of Engaging Champions:   A Non-Profit Organization Perspective from Alberta

• The Edmonton Seniors Coordinating Council (ESCC) was created in 2004 to lead/facilitate shared planning, coordination and collaboration among Edmonton senior-serving organizations. 
• Presentation will focus on:
o The Council’s role in facilitating the development of the Vision for an Age-Friendly Edmonton;
o The benefits and challenges experienced in engaging local Age-Friendly Champions including the City of Edmonton, the United Way, community groups and Edmonton seniors; and,
o Efforts being undertaken to make Edmonton a more age-friendly city (e.g. by encouraging businesses, community organizations, orders of government and senior-serving organizations to use the Vision and other age-friendly documents to inform service plans and program development). 

Presentation #3 : Judy Brownoff:
Championing a Sustainable AFC Policy Across Multiple Jurisdictions:
  The Example of BC`s Capital Regional District (CRD)
• Description forthcoming

Presenters bios:

Leo Bonnell is Chair of the Provincial Advisory Council on Aging & Seniors for the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador.  He is also the Vice-Chair of Random Age-Friendly Communities in Clarenville, one of the ten pilots across Canada.  Leo is a retired Bank Manager and lived and worked all over the Province of N. L., where he became an active community volunteer, especially in the in areas that involved seniors.  He retired in 2004 after a 42 year banking career with Scotiabank.  Leo continues to advocate for seniors at the local and provincial level.

Sheila Hallett began working as the Executive Director of the Edmonton Seniors Coordinating Council in 2006 after managing a local senior centre for many years. The ESCC is a not-for-profit umbrella organization to agencies that offer social support and recreation to Edmonton seniors. The work involves facilitating communication, collaboration and resource-sharing so senior service agencies can increase their effectiveness and accessibility.

Judy Brownoff is a Municipal Councillor in Saanich, British Columbia. Judy was first elected in 1993 and has been successfully re-elected since to the Saanich Municipal Council. She is also a Director of both the Capital Regional District Board and the Health Board. Through her efforts as chair of Healthy Saanich, BC Healthy Communities, Victoria Regional Transit and Saanich’s Cycling and Pedestrian mobility committees, Judy successfully secured the selection of Saanich as British Columbia's provincial city in the World Health Organization Age-Friendly Communities initiative. As well, she was the Community Leader in the process. Judy is well known for encouraging community engagement in all areas of her work. Her goal is to ensure that Saanich continues to improve and develop as a community that fosters intergenerational connections, and that its residents of all ages can live, work and play in an environment of respect.

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