CRDCN Major depression epidemiology: implications for health policy”

The event will start on: Jan 22, 01:00pm EST
And will end on: Jan 22, 02:00pm EST

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This Fireside Chat is in collaboaration with the Canadian Research Data Centre Network / Réseau canadien des Centres de données de recherche

Major depression is one of the world’s leading contributors to disease burden and arguably the most important cause of disability in developed countries such as Canada. Historically, it has been viewed as an acute, episodic disease but it is increasingly being conceptualized as a chronic condition. Epidemiologic data have generally emphasized under-treatment and the main policy recommendations have been for increasing access to treatment. Recent studies based on the National Population Health Survey and the Canadian Community Health Survey, however, challenge these perspectives: they show a higher than expected prevalence, a high and increasing frequency of treatment and, overall, an extensive heterogeneity in the severity and course of depressive disorders.
This Fireside Chat will review these evidences and discuss how they call for newer ways of understanding depressive disorders that will emphasize depression’s dimensional nature and suggest flexible access to a spectrum of intervention

Advisor on Tap:
Dr. Scott B. Patten,
Department of Community Health Sciences
University of Calgary

Dr. Patten is a Psychiatrist and Professor at the University of Calgary in Canada, and a Senior Health Scholar with the Alberta Innovates, Health Solutions. His research focuses on the epidemiology of depressive disorders in Canada and has the goal of integrating various epidemiologic estimates (incidence, recurrence, prevalence, recovery and mortality) into a comprehensive description of the epidemiologic patterns. Another emphasis of his work has been on describing patterns of comorbidity of depressive disorders with chronic medical conditions. His work has utilized data from the National Population Health Survey and Canadian Community Health Surveys. Dr. Patten obtained a Medical Doctorate (MD) degree from the University of Alberta (1986), and subsequently completed a Residency in Psychiatry (1991) and PhD in Epidemiology (1994) at the University of Calgary. He is an active member of the medical staff at the Peter Lougheed Hospital in Northeast Calgary.

Canadian Research Data Centre Network
Réseau canadien des Centres de données de recherche

Here is the resource mentioned in today's presentation re: the synthesis co-authored by Scott Patten (with Heather Juby),
A Profile of Clinical Depression in Canada: A synthesis of research findings designed for policy makers and the public at large
available for download at no cost at


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