Why do we care about evidence synthesis?

An introduction to the special issue on systematic reviews".Journal of Development Effectiveness
The event will start on: Feb 05, 02:00pm EST
And will end on: Feb 05, 03:00pm EST

Published in the Journal of Development Effectiveness

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Systematic reviews are currently in high demand in international development.
At least 100 new reviews are ongoing or already completed on a range of topics across the board in international development, many of which were commissioned by policy-making agencies.
These new reviews need to be based on answerable questions, using methods of analysis and reporting which are appropriate for social and economic development programmes and relevant to users.
This fireside chat will consider:
-  why we believe systematic reviews should be an important component of evidence-informed development policy and practice.

-  how reviews can be made to live up to the promises generated around them…..”

-  a ‘how to’ guide to undertake systematic reviews of effects in international development,(synthesis of literature relating to the effectiveness of particular development interventions.)

-  determining the review's questions and scope, literature search,

-  critical appraisal, methods of synthesis including meta-analysis,

-  assessing the extent to which generalisable conclusions can be drawn using a theory-based approach.

This work draws on the experiences of the International Initiative for Impact Evaluation's (3ie's) systematic reviews programme.

We hope you will join us!

Advisor on Tap:
Dr. Peter Tugwell

Director, Centre for Global Health
Institute of Population Health, University of Ottawa
Canada Research Chair in Health Equity

Dr. Peter Tugwell is Professor of Medicine, and Epidemiology & Community Medicine at the University of Ottawa. He holds the Canada Research Chair in Health Equity. He is a staff physician and practicing rheumatologist at the Ottawa Hospital, Ottawa, Canada.

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