#405 Where are the resources to “move upstream” in Public Health work?

The event will start on: Jul 23, 01:00pm EDT
And will end on: Jul 23, 02:30pm EDT
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In this Fireside Chat, we will explore the connection between moving upstream and the availability and distribution of public health resources.

Evidence is mounting that an upstream approach to health—one that addresses people’s access to power, resources and social inclusion—benefits everyone. Increasingly, public health employees at all levels of their organizations are being asked to find ways to address more consistently the causes of the causes: income, education, housing, isolation. At a strategic level, if public health organizations want to move upstream, where do they find the resources to support community engagement, inter-sectoral collaboration, public education and advocacy?

With our two special guests, we will explore 
▪  How can public health get better at affecting policies and initiatives that have broad, longer-term impacts on health? 
▪  With whom is public health competing to get resources for upstream work? How are other health sectors also moving upstream?
▪  Will public health have to leave some services to other health sectors to make it possible for it to do more upstream work? 
▪  How do we make sure public health is sitting at the resource allocation tables?

Advisors on Tap

Dr. Eilish Cleary, 
Chief Medical Officer of Health, 
New Brunswick
Dr. Paul Hasselback,
Medical Health Officer,
Central Vancouver Island
Karen Fish,
Knowledge Translation Specialist,

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Online community conversation:
From July 15th to 25th, we’re hosting an online conversation in Health Equity Clicks: Community. Help us create the content for the webinar by posting questions and/or topics that you would like our advisors to address.


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