#449 Screening Children and Youth New to Canada: Practical Resources

The event will start on: Jun 10, 01:00pm EDT
And will end on: Jun 10, 02:30pm EDT

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The health needs of newcomer children are broad, and differ in important ways from those of their Canadian-born peers. Initial contact for a newly-arrived child or youth with a health care provider is an important opportunity to identify certain pre-existing medical conditions. Whenever possible, a first visit should include a plan for targeted screening for both infectious and non-infectious conditions.

The health hazards do not end with migration, however. There is an ongoing risk differential compared with Canadian-born children as a result of exposures both within Canada and when they return to visit their country of origin. Physicians must also know how to assess routine immunization status and what the process is to ensure catch-up in their province. They should encourage appropriate preparation before families return to visit friends and relatives in their homeland.

The Canadian Paediatric Society has expanded the content of Caring for Kids New to Canada (www.kidsnewtocanada.ca) since the website debuted in early 2013. One of the most recent additions is an e-Checklist—a succinct, practical tool to help health professionals assess newly-arrived children with appropriate screening and manage any identified conditions.

This session will review some of the key health issues affecting newcomer children and youth, and suggest how the CKNC website, including the new e-Checklist, can be used by health professionals to prevent, identify and manage such conditions. The objectives are to:

• Outline the array of conditions that may impact the health of children and youth new to Canada
• Review the detailed screening, prevention and management resources available through CKNC
• Introduce new practical tools, such as the e-Checklist, to aid the screening process

Who should attend? Physicians (family physicians and pediatricians), clinic nurses, public health nurses, allied health professionals who work with immigrants and refugees, staff of community health clinics

Advisors on tap

Dr. Tony Barozzino, St. Michael’s Hospital, Toronto, Ont.
Dr. Tony Barozzino is Director of Community Outreach and Ambulatory Services in the Department of Pediatrics at St. Michael's Hospital in Toronto. Dr. Barozzino is chair of the Canadian Paediatric Society’s Task Force on Kids New to Canada (www.kidsnewtocanada.ca).

Dr. Susan Kuhn, Alberta Children’s Hospital, Calgary, Alta.
Dr. Susan Kuhn is Head of the Section of Infectious Diseases and Associate Professor at the University of Calgary. She is also a Pediatric Infectious Diseases Consultant at Alberta Children’s Hospital. Dr. Kuhn is a member of the Canadian Paediatric Society’s Task Force on Kids New to Canada (www.kidsnewtocanada.ca).

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